After Juby Interior Design by Kirstie completed this house refresh.

“Georgian Interior Design: Reviving a Beautiful Property with Love and Updates”

“Rediscover Nostalgic Charm: Interior Design Transformation for Georgian Property”

Journey back to a cherished era, where nostalgia whispers through the halls. Despite brimming with memories, the property sought rejuvenation. Decades of love and laughter lingered in every corner, yet time’s touch was evident.

Restoring Heritage: Reviving Every Detail

Our goal? Infusing life into every space while honouring its legacy. With the utmost respect for sentimental ties, we trod carefully, ensuring each change paid homage to the past.

Unveiling Time’s Layers: Before the Revival

From worn floorboards to faded hues, “before” snapshots froze time’s embrace. Yet beneath, a promise of renewal lay. Collaborating with artisans and my client, we embarked on a journey of restoration.

Renovation Symphony: Crafting Renewal

Step into transformation’s realm, where paint strokes and fabric choices narrate tales of rebirth. Witness the magic unfold as worn carpets yield to gleaming hardwood floors, resonating with eras past.

Harmonious Fusion: Tradition Meets Innovation

Adieu to faded drapes and worn upholstery; welcome opulent fabrics breathing new life. Witness a blend of old-world charm and modern flair, a testament to seamless innovation.

Preserving Memories: A Tribute to Legacy

Notice the subtleties; hues paying homage to Georgian roots, furnishings meticulously restored. Each detail echoes our commitment to preserving the property’s essence.

Timeless Rebirth: Celebrating Beautiful Interiors.

In metamorphosis, one bond remains unbroken: homeowner and home. Beyond renovation, a testament to memories, a celebration of past, present, and future.

Experience Timeless Beauty: Step Into the After

Join us in witnessing the rebirth of a cherished Georgian property. Here, history and modernity intertwine, creating a living masterpiece, a tribute to preservation and transformation’s artistry.

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